What’s the point in trying if you know you won't succeed
What’s the point in living when you don't have the friend you need
How can I keep on going when I know I’m going to die
How can I keep on standing when I know I’m going to cry
To some I might seem stupid because I can’t say what I feel
To me I seem stupid because this feels like it isn't real
I can hear their voices yelling and I can feel the walls shaking
But none of it hurts as much as the pain of my heart breaking
No one wants to believe methey think I’m playing a game
I call them my friendsbut they can't remember my name
My troubles aren't fadingthey're becoming worse each day
Everything becomes a blur I can't hear what people say
There are some people who care or at least they say they do
I can't seem to figure outif what they're saying is true
I have given up on myself and they have given up on me
There's so much of the worldthat I'll never get to see
I want to fly to a placewhere there's no one I know
Maybe then I can letmy true feelings show
I want to fly to a placewhere it's only me
I want to fly to a placewhere I can finally be free
I’m sorry to those who do truly careI’m sorry that
I’ll no longer be there I won't be therefor the good days or bad
I won't be there when you’re happy or sad
I'm sorry I no longer can make your gray sky blue
But there wont be a moment
I won't think of you
I'll keep watch on youfrom my home up above
Even though I'll be goneit’s you guys I will still love
You're my best friends and you helped me fight my fightI
’m sorry for all the timeswhen I was wrong and you were right
No longer will I be ableto see your smiling face
But there wasn’t one minute I’d ever want to replace
Before I leave youI want to say goodbye
Because it’s youwho has always made me cry
Not tears of sorrowand not tears of pain
I cried tears of happinessbecause our friendship remains
So when I leave youplease don’t cry
Because I won't be thereto wipe the tears from your eyes
Even when I’m gone it won't be the end
Because you will continue to be my best friends


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